Welcome to a new year filled with new reading!

Blanket of Love

Brr-r-r! Cuddle up with a cozy blanket, and the award winning board book, Blanket of Love. It's never to early to introduce poetry to your sweet newborn.

Tulip and Rex Write a Story

Emergent readers, emergent writers!  Tulip and Rex Write a Story explores the writing process at its heart, proving we're never too young to create a story!

Biscuit Loves the Park

Welcome to a new year filled with new reading! I'm proud to announce our 23rd My First I Can Read adventure, Biscuit Loves the Park! (available now).

This Bear's Birthday

And while most bears are still hibernating, This Bear's Birthday offers a look at one cub growing up, celebrating his autonomy,  and feeling oh so proud!

Starring, Katy Duck

Starring, Katy Duck reminds us that winter is for many things, especially dancing! Grab your boa and join the gang at Mr. Tutu's dance class.

I Will Love You

 A magical tale of parental love that every parent will want to share with their little one!

Katy Duck and the Secret Valentine

When Katy Duck receives a secret valentine filled with sparkly stars, she wonders who it could be from! With a little help from her friend Ralph, Katy makes the perfect card for her secret valentine...and discovers who it is!

Where is Love, Biscuit?

In this touch-and-feel board book with sturdy pages, Biscuit finds love in the simple everyday things—such as his blanket—just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Tulip Loves Rex

Tulip Loves Rex is a sweet story about Tulip, who loves to dance, and her new friend Rex, a fluffy dog who also loves to dance. The lyrical text touches on themes of friendship, acceptance, and, most important, finding out what makes you who you are—and sharing that with someone you love.


Reading, writing, and imagining are some of my most favorite things to do. I hope a visit to my website will inspire you to do the same! There’s lots to discover and explore with characters and friends that are old and new. And, be sure to check back often; I’m so happy you stopped by!

Warmly, Alyssa


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World of Biscuit

Even more ways to love reading with Biscuit… From our I Can Read ebooks to our interactive app, have fun exploring Biscuit in our newest formats.


Katy Duck

Tra-la-la! Quack! Quack! Be a Reading Star with Katy Duck! As Katy reminds us, with a bit of imagination, anything is possible! Katy Duck is loved…read all about it!


Non-fiction Fun!

Bringing our world together,
one story at a time! 
Non-fiction Fun to Explore and Learn With



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Biscuits Valentines Day

Love Is in the Air

Katy Duck and the Secret Valentine

Katy Duck has a secret admirer!  

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Biscuit is available for licensing!