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Biscuit’s Snowy Day

There is soft, powdery snow everywhere! It’s the perfect day for snow angels, sledding, and snuggling up with someone you love. Woof!

cover of Biscuit's Snowy Day childrens book

I Will Love You

"In the very first moment, when you came to be, I looked at you, and you looked at me.
I whispered these words as I held you near,
for all time, for all space, for the world to hear
I will love you."

Biscuit Gives a Gift

Christmas is a wonderful time for sharing. Biscuit finds the perfect gifts for everyone he loves.

Biscuit Loves School (New Edition!)

Biscuit's Snow Day Race

Look, Biscuit, it’s snowing!

Snow days are snow much fun! Will Biscuit the little yellow puppy get to play in the sledding race?

For the first time, everyone’s favorite little yellow puppy stars in an I Can Read with a snow theme!

Mighty Tug

Around the gleaming channel, where the water’s deep and wide, tall ships stretch their sails and the ever so brave mighty tug leads the way across the waves. To the rescue in the busy, busy harbor, little tug saves the day every time. Mighty tug is the smallest, strongest, and bravest boat of all.

Biscuit’s Hanukkah

Come along with Biscuit as he makes a beautiful menorah to celebrate Hanukkah. Its a great time for stories, songs, food and friends!

cover of Biscuit's Hanukkah board book

Biscuit’s Christmas Eve

Biscuit gets ready for Santa’s arrival, with surprises under every flap!

cover of Biscuit's Christmas Eve childrens book

Biscuit's Christmas Storybook Favorites - New!

Merry Christmas, Biscuit!

Featuring nine complete stories, join Biscuit as he plays in the snow, gets ready for Santa, finds the perfect gift, and more!

cover of childrens book Biscuit's Christmas Storybook Favorites

Katy Duck and the Secret Valentine

When Katy Duck receives a secret valentine filled with sparkly stars, she wonders who it could be from! With a little help from her friend Ralph, Katy makes the perfect card for her secret valentine…and discovers who it is!

cover of childrens book Katy Duck and the Secret Valentine

My First Kitten is now here!

What is it like to get your first kitten? Find out in this early reader by Biscuit creator Alyssa Satin Capucilli. You will feed your kitten, pet it, pick up after it, and most of all…love it very much. Young readers will love seeing kids their age take care of a kitten for the first time in this adorable introduction to pet ownership.

childrens book cover of My First Kitten


Reading, writing, and imagining are some of my most favorite things to do. I hope a visit to my website will inspire you to do the same! There’s lots to discover and explore with characters and friends that are old and new. And, be sure to check back often; I’m so happy you stopped by!

Warmly, Alyssa


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World of Biscuit

Even more ways to love reading with Biscuit… From our I Can Read ebooks to our interactive app, have fun exploring Biscuit in our newest formats.

Katy Duck

Tra-la-la! Quack! Quack! Be a Reading Star with Katy Duck! As Katy reminds us, with a bit of imagination, anything is possible! Katy Duck is loved…read all about it!

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Bringing our world together,
one story at a time! 
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Biscuit and the Little Llamas

Celebrating our 25th My First I Can Read and Biscuit's 25th Birthday with Biscuit and the Little Llamas

childrens book cover Biscuit and the Little Llamas



Biscuit Plush!

Available at your favorite bookseller

This 10" Biscuit plush doll is the perfect companion for all of life's events, ready to jump and play or sit in your little one's lap while you read along with one of Biscuit’s stories. Super soft and snuggly!

biscuit plush doll puppy toy



Available Now!
One of Parents Magazine's 30 Best Children's Books of 2020

Hand in Hand

A little hand holds on tight! Celebrate the special relationship every parent has with their child in this lovely New Books for Newborns board book coming in January of 2020!

We, two
Hand in hand
Through and through


New Books for Newborns is where to start. With lilting lullaby text and lovely illustrations, the New Books for Newborns stories are the perfect first books for new parents to share with their little ones right from the start!


Biscuit is available for licensing!