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Biscuit’s Snowy Day

There is soft, powdery snow everywhere! It's the perfect day for snow angels, sledding, and snuggling up with someone you love. Woof!

Biscuit’s Hanukkah

Come along with Biscuit as he makes a beautiful menorah to celebrate Hanukkah. Its a great time for stories, songs, food and friends!

Biscuit’s Christmas Storybook Collection

Merry Christmas, Biscuit! This storybook collection brings nine of your favorite Biscuit titles together for the first time ever!

More friends to read with...

Ralph and the Rocket Ship

Ralph is a 'maker'!

With a little bit of imagination, a stack! stack!, a bang! bang!, and a tape, tape, tape, tape!, Ralph soon has his rocket shop. And it's even big enough to fit his good pal Katy Duck, too!

My Dad and Me

Follow fathers and their children on a sweet adventure through every season! The double flaps in this book reveal fathers and children of different cultures as they share special moments. This book is perfect for Father’s Day or any day of the year.

Mighty Tug

“A visual treat for boat loving readers.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Perfect for storytime and one-on-one sharing.”

School Library Journal

Biscuit and the Big Parade!

The parade is here, and Biscuit can’t wait to see the fire trucks, jugglers, and even clowns! But when will it be his turn to march?

A Biscuit Collection: Woof-Tastic Tales

Woof, woof! Join Biscuit for three times the fun! Whether he’s enjoying the snow, being thankful, or greeting neighbors, Biscuit always makes sure to do so with friends.

Biscuit’s Take Along Storybook Set

The Biscuit Take-Along Storybook Set is the perfect reading material to grab and go for kids ages 4 to 8 years. The carry-along slipcase comes with 5 Biscuit titles. Titles include: Biscuit’s Birthday, Meet Biscuit!, Biscuit’s Show and Share Day, Mind Your Manners, Biscuit!, and Biscuit Visits the Doctor.

Biscuit’s Neighborhood

Five fun-filled Biscuit My First I Can Read stories are now all together in one portable collection. Whether he’s playing with his favorite ball, helping feed pets, or visiting his local library—this puppy is always up for an adventure!

Biscuit’s Pet & Play Farm Animals

Biscuit can’t wait to help on the farm and see the baby animals. The youngest book lovers can pet the foal’s silky mane, the lamb’s woolly fur, and the duck’s fuzzy feathers in this sweet touch-and-feel board book.

Emmett and the Bright Blue Cape

Emmett loves his bright blue cape. He wears it to the park, he wears it to the store, and he even tries to wear it to bed. With his cape on, he isn’t just Emmett, he’s Super Emmett! So what happens when Emmett’s bright blue cape goes missing? How will he be super now?

This Bear’s Birthday

It’s Bear’s birthday, and he’s determined to prepare for his party all by himself. Then Bear finds out there are some things that can’t be done. But with friends and family by his side, a bear can still save the day!

Not This Bear: A First Day of School Story

It’s Bear’s first day of school, and he’s a bit reluctant to go. Mama says all bears love school; Bear isn’t so sure. But school turns out to be full of fun–painting pictures, listening to stories, and making new friends. Maybe this bear will like school after all!


Reading, writing, and imagining are some of my most favorite things to do. I hope a visit to my website will inspire you to do the same! There’s lots to discover and explore with characters and friends that are old and new. And, be sure to check back often; I’m so happy you stopped by!

Warmly, Alyssa


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