Author Programs

We all have stories to tell, stories to share: we all read stories that have touched us and moved us. As an author, there is no greater joy than visiting a school where a young child has used one of my books as a springboard to create their own story, illustration, or original work. To see the faces and hear the voices and thoughts of these readers is infinitely rewarding. To invite, encourage, excite and inspire students to enter the irresistible world of storytelling is a rewarding and gratifying process as well. I hope that students, even the youngest, will join me in this process. I am happy to prepare specialized programs for your school, library, bookstore or conference, including writing workshops for all ages.


A full day visit includes three sessions, each running approximately 45 minutes to one hour. Half-days are available as well. What is it like being an author? How do images, experience and ideas weave their way into books? How is a book published, anyway? These questions and more are discussed through a highly visual and interactive program that incorporates an informal slide presentation, puppetry, and storytelling. With oversized prototypes of books, I am able to offer much opportunity for the children to interact with me, and to experience the joy of brainstorming! A lively question and answer period is encouraged and appreciated. Writing workshops are available for smaller groups; please limit to 30 students per session.


Familiarity with my books truly enhances the program. Teachers should attend the session and may choose to prepare related activities before or after my visit. The more enthusiasm generated within the school, the more successful the experience.


It is a pleasure to sign as many books as you have. All sales should be transacted before the signing and it is generally easier if each book has a post-it note attached with the name to be inscribed printed legibly. I wish I could sign every shirt, hand or napkin, but it is impossible! Some schools prepare a bookmark in advance which you can send to me for signing, thereby every child has a memento. Click here to print copies of my personal bookmark.

Book Sales

Publishers may be contacted directly and generally offer a 40% discount, however they do need between six to eight weeks to fill your order. Some schools choose to pass the discount on to the students and teachers, while others use this as a fundraising opportunity. Local bookstores may also be able to supply you. Should you require assistance, please free to contact us.