Tulip Loves Rex Review

Tulip Loves RexYoung Tulip is all action, with swirls of soft blues highlighting her energy and enthusiasm, especially for dance. She twirls everywhere, and so do the illustrations, with almost no static moments (the only straight lines are in buildings and furniture, though even nightstands and bedsteads have curves). Often accompanied by a flitting butterfly, her life becomes complete when she meets a large dog named Rex, who shares her love of movement. Both agree that sharing a passion makes it all the more enjoyable. Massini’s large, soft pastel illustrations are very appealing, especially the close-ups of Tulip and Rex, clearly in delight with each other. Black outlines give Tulip just enough definition as she spins through life, and Rex is scruffy enough to fit her energetic lifestyle. Perfect for Valentine’s Day and any discussion of love on many levels.

— Edie Ching