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Jules Danielson writes about moderating a panel at the Knoxville Children’s Reading Festival

Knoxville, Tennessee, which positively drips with charm and personality (particularly since it’s revitalization of the downtown area within the last several years), annually holds a children’s reading festival, sponsored by Knox County Public Library. I not only drive over there from middle Tennessee every May to experience it, but I also volunteer. This year, I moderated a picture book panel with author Alyssa Capucilli, storyteller Dianne de Las Casas, author/illustrator David Ezra Stein, and author/illustrator Dan Yaccarino. It was good fun. I asked them about Sendak, digital apps and e-picture books, the value of picture books and what draws them (lousy pun not intended) to creating them, issues of audience in children’s lit, and their childhoods and whether or not they knew they wanted to be picture book creators when they grew up.

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