My First I Can Read

Follow Biscuit and friends in books that will introduce your child to the joys of independent reading.

Biscuit Goes Camping

Biscuit in the Garden

Biscuit Plays Ball

Biscuit and the Lost Teddy Bear

Scat Cat

Biscuit Meets the Class Pet

Biscuit Takes a Walk

Pedro’s Burro

Biscuit Phonics Fun

Bizcocho Encuentra un Amigo

Biscuit and the Little Pup

Biscuit’s Day at the Farm

Biscuit Visits the Big City

Biscuit and the Baby

Biscuit Wins a Prize

Biscuit’s Big Friend

Biscuit Goes to School

Biscuit Wants to Play


Biscuit’s New Trick

Bathtime for Biscuit

Biscuit Finds a Friend